24/7 Emergency Service

Adirondack Energy Products provides 24/7 emergency service to our customers 365 days a year. When you need to get a hold of us in a time of crisis, we’ll be there for you, and you can depend on us to respond quickly and efficiently. If you need emergency service, just call (518) 483-3835 and we’ll be ready to assist you. And if you’re in a no-heat emergency, keep reading this page for a checklist that may help you avoid the cost of a service call.



No-Heat Emergency

If you find yourself in a no-heat emergency, we suggest you try at-home troubleshooting steps from our No-Heat Checklist before calling our emergency service line—it could save you the cost of a service call.

1) Check Your Thermostat

Make sure the temperature on your thermostat is set higher than the current room temperature. If you have a programmable thermostat, check that the heat switch is on, the date and time are set correctly, and the battery is good.


Your EMERGENCY SWITCH is usually located on the first floor of your home near the basement door or utility room door. It looks like a light switch but has a red wall plate with the words EMERGENCY SWITCH on it. There may also be a switch on the side of the furnace/boiler. Make sure the switch is on.

3) Any Blown Fuses?

Check your home’s electrical box for blown fuses or a tripped circuit breaker. Replace blown fuses or reset the circuit breaker.

4) Check Your Tank Gauge

Check the fuel level on your tank gauge. If your tank gauge indicates your tank is empty, call us immediately for a delivery.

5) Still No Heat? Reset the Burner

Press the burner reset button ONE TIME ONLY. The reset button is typically located on the top, right-hand side of the burner, and could be under the face plate. You should hear the unit try to start.

If everything looks good on steps 1 through 4, and your system does not start and stay running on step 5, Adirondack Energy customers should CALL (518) 483-3835 IMMEDIATELY for service.