Residential Delivery

If you need reliable fuel delivery for your home in the North Country, count on Adirondack Energy Products. Our professional, experienced, and courteous delivery personnel are excited to serve our residential customers. Their number-one priority is to bring you our competitively priced, premium fuels safely and on time. We invite you to explore this page and discover all the fuels we deliver, as well as our automatic delivery program.

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Are you ready to experience the Adirondack Energy difference? We provide residential customers with reliable deliveries of B5 Bioheat® fuel, propane, kerosene, and gasoline. It only takes a few minutes to order fuel from us, so why not start right now?


B5 Bioheat® Fuel

Adirondack Energy takes pride in offering both will-call and automatic delivery of B5 Bioheat® fuel for our New York customers. If you become a customer and decide to forgo automatic delivery, you will be listed as a will-call customer. This means you are responsible for monitoring your oil tank’s fuel gauge and contacting us when your fuel is running low. To learn more about our B5 Bioheat® fuel delivery services or to place an order now, use the buttons below.



Our residential customers love heating their homes with propane, but did you know that propane has many uses beyond keeping you warm in the wintertime? Adirondack Energy is pleased to deliver propane for powering your clothes dryer, water heater, outdoor kitchen, and much more. Just like for heating oil, we offer will-call and automatic propane delivery options for our customers. To learn more about our propane delivery services or to place a propane order now, use the buttons below.



If you’re a residential customer who uses kerosene to heat your home, then you know that it’s a reliable, efficient fuel choice. It continues to be popular with homeowners due to its affordability and the fact that it won’t gel or clog your system. While it can oftentimes be hard to find a company that will deliver kerosene to your home, Adirondack Energy offers convenient and professional kerosene delivery to our customers in New York. Visit the pages linked below to learn more about kerosene delivery or to place an order now.



The team at Adirondack Energy can’t wait to bring you the gasoline you need for your residential applications. We’ve been supplying our friends and neighbors in our North Country service area with all grades of gasoline for years, and we know what it takes to power your engines and equipment. Keep your home running by ordering the gasoline you need from a company you trust. Please use the buttons below to learn more about our gasoline delivery service, or to place an order right now!


Automatic Delivery

If you want to take the hassle out of your heating season, enrolling in Adirondack Energy’s free automatic delivery program is an easy way to do it. This popular program is available to our customers with no extra fees, and in fact, if you’re an automatic delivery customer you won’t be charged a fee for emergency deliveries. Use the buttons below to learn more about automatic delivery, or to enroll today.