Adirondack Energy Products is pleased to provide our residential and commercial customers in the North Country with dependable, professional fuel delivery, and we’re proud of our great service—but don’t take our word for it! See what our customers have to say about Adirondack Energy by reading the testimonials below, then become a customer yourself today!


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“My only complaint involving Adirondack Propane is that I didn’t switch to them sooner. The no BS rates is what I NEEDED and didn’t get with the prior company. Not sure why I waited so long. I had to call every couple months to ask why the rate was so high and I’d get “well you’re a valued customer so we’ll take $1 off a gallon for awhile”. If I’m so valued, just give me the best rate!!! Thats what Adirondack Propane did. All info was handled up front from the guy that set me up. Been with them for just about a year now and no complaints. I kept reminding them we have heaters in the winter so usage goes up! With Adirondack, auto delivery is great and always delivered on time. I don’t have to worry.“

-Tyler Whitney

“I needed a propane supplier after switching from fuel oil to propane. I decided to give Adirondack Energy a call, spoke to Nate who was very helpful getting my account set up. I would definitely recommend Adirondack Energy for your propane needs !“

-Chris Kyea

We get propane from Adirondack for are house and garage. There always on time. They hooked up my furnace in my garage and converted it over to LP. The techs knew what they were doing and did a professional looking job while running the lines .

-Chad Milliser

I receive propane and fuel oil from these guys and I’ve been very happy with the service and prices. I needed an emergency fuel oil delivery, and they were here in less than 3 hrs which was great. Also, the fuel oil price per gallon (at that particular time) was below the region’s average. Highly recommended.

-Zach L

We called Adirondack propane to become one of their customers. Barb in the office, Steve, and everyone we talked with answered our questions and were helpful and friendly with no sales pressure. The price for propane was decent. We recommend this firm.


I’ve tried most of the fuel companies in the area and I seem to have the best luck with Adirondack Energy. They are polite and professional and their price is normally the lowest.

-Skip Michaels